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Sajad Sepehri

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Sajad Sepehri (Saxhi) is a musician, composer, singer, songwriter, writer, and researcher from Iran and was born in 1984 in Shiraz. He is currently living in Tirana.
He has started singing since age five and has continued to play and compose since the year 2000.

From 2003 to 2016, he professionally worked on music and poetry.
He had about 292 live performances and has written more than 100 songs.
His work has been published sporadically and informally by various people on the Internet. He did not have the possibility of officially publishing his artworks.
He married Mrs. Arlinda (Nina) Demaj (Sepehri) in 2016 and became a father in 2019.
Since 2019, after significant changes in his personal life, he has decided to release his songs, as well as to continue his music career besides his academic career and to break almost a decade of silence.
He has received his master’s degree from ISSH in the Netherlands and is a guest researcher at VU (Amsterdam University). He is interested in psychology, and His current project is “Cult Identity and Identity Transformation.”
His favorite genres in music are:
Jazz, Flamenco, Classical, and Traditional Iranian Music.
His previous works are in Persian pop music, classical and traditional Persian music.

  • “E Di” Demo Melody

    Sa shume me dhemb

    te shoh te vuash

    Te vuash te shoh te vuash

    nga dhimbjet e shpirtit

    Nga prangat e fatit

    Sa shume te vuash

    Me dhemb qe nuk mundem

    Nuk mundem te te shpetoj

    Te te hap nje shteg

    Te te shuaj nje breng

    nuk mundem te te shpetoj

    E madhe bota jote

    I gjere shpirti yt

    Do te gjesh nje drite

    Do te gjesh nje rruge

    Se ti mundesh shpirti im

    Mundesh vertet

    Qe ne cdo dhimbje

    Te gjesh shpres per jete

    Me dhemb thell ne zemer

    Shpirti me loton

    Tek te shoh qe vlon

    Tek te shoh qe vlon

    Tek te shoh qe vuan

    Nga pamundesia

    te shoh qe vuan

    Nga verberia

    te shoh qe vuan

    Nga shoqeria

    te shoh qe vuan

    Nga dashuria

    Nga malli

    Nga ti,

    Por e di….

    Por e di…

    E madhe bota jote

    I gjere shpirti yt

    Do te gjesh nje drite

    Do te gjesh nje rruge


    Lyrics: Arlinda Sepehri